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Who We Are

Who are we and what do we do?

We are team of talented designers and programmers that offer services of entire software, web development, content management solutions and creative designs from the very beginning until the end. Our overall process includes Concept, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance. We follow complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) which ensures a systematic and Risk Free flow of the complete process.

Our Values

Our technology driven approach does more than enable new processes, they enhance business value.


We plan and analyse our clients business needs in every single detail, suggesting if possible better aproaches.

Clients growth

We value our clients growth, adapting ourselves to the forever changing market trends.

Software Development Life Cycle

We value the Software Development Life Cycle, with this we can make sure that we deliver the project on time and in high quality.

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Agile Methodology


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Agile Methodology Overview

Traditional software development relied on phases like outlining the requirements, planning, design, building, testing, and delivery. Agile methodology, by contrast, looks to deploy the first increment in a couple weeks and the entire piece of software in a couple months.

Agile teams within the business work together daily at every stage of the project through face-to-face meetings. This collaboration and communication ensure the process stays on track even as conditions change.

Rather than waiting until the delivery phase to gauge success, teams leveraging Agile methodology track the success and speed of the development process regularly. Velocity is measured after the delivery of each increment.

Agile teams and employees are self-organizing. Rather than following a manifesto of rules from management intended to produce the desired result, they understand the goals and create their own path to reach them.


What industries do are we at our best?

Forex Market

When ever you are a broker or a trader, we are experts in both

Information Technology

We are up to date and are able to do any kind of software


Making the retail market more flexible


Do you need awareness for your event? We will handle that!


Thinking what all can we handle?

UI/UX & design

Our creative Graphic and Web design team offers elegant and modern designs.

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Software Development

We have experts who specialize in working with existing systems as well as build a new one.

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Photography & Video

We edit your photo or video without any sweat.

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Software Testing

Our testers and QA experts provides thorough testing of the application with a detailed report

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RPA - Robotic process automation

Anything that you do in the internet can be automated, we can automate any repetitive tasks for you

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Digital Marketing

Our digital team is not only seasoned in running campaigns, but provide great results.

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Infrastructure Services

We have expertise in setup and management of servers, cloud and network within premises.

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Admin Services

We not only adapt to your data processing needs but also specialize in it.

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Project Management

We manage different sized projects ranging from team size of 3 people to 50 people.

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